Who are we ?


A responsible company

In 2013, the Eng’In concept came to life, specialising in the sectors of the environment and responsible energies. It quickly became a key partner for leading companies in the environmental sector.

This unique status allows us to maximise a life’s worth of experience and a general understanding of the challenges in terms of environmental management, economic efficiency and social balance.


A service designed to make you efficient

The knowledge and the energy of our teams allow us to offer our clients, both in France and internationally, general assistance throughout their projects, from the quotation stage through to production, with guidance along the way.

By applying our knowledge and our capacities to your industrial ambitions, we are able to provide you with the most efficient technological, methodological and human solutions adapted to the needs of the moment. We strive to provide you with a unique, outstanding service, designed to accentuate your competivity.


A “Three A” Company

“Anticipation and foresight”,
“Assistance and development”,
“Association and involvement”.

These commitments are the operational basis within the Eng’In structure which allow us to meet our goal, which is to be one of the key players in the energy sector. In order to do so, we rely on the multi-tasking and synergy of our teams, our confirmed culture of sustainable growth, our development on an international level and an ongoing dynamic recruitment policy.

Our values

Picto_apostropheA must-win mentality is an integral part of our DNA. Thanks to the motivation and the dedication of our team, we are constantly able to push boundaries to achieve our goals and meet with your requirements.

Picto_apostropheInnovation is our DNA
At Eng’IN, we believe that tomorrow’s successes are built on the foundations of each of today’s projects brought to us by our clients. We are reputed for our innovative skills.

Picto_apostropheThe Pursuit of excellence
Pursuit of excellence is a value inherent to all our lines of business, and one which is expressed in our way of working and our constant drive towards efficiency. Our ongoing desire to better ourselves ensures that we offer you only the very best. We strive endlessly to improve our clients’ experience by working together to adapt our solutions and practices.

Picto_apostropheQuality above all
We are extremely demanding of ourselves, our products and our services. The continual optimisation of our services is hence a must for us. The unique means of assessing our success is the quality perceived by our clients. At the heart of our operation is a policy of continual improvement based on consumer feedback, the feedback of each of our team members, and the high-quality management practices employed by Eng’IN.

Picto_apostropheIntegrity and transparency
At Eng’IN, all our decisions and policies are based on a foundation of integrity. Where both internal and external communication are concerned, transparency, the base of confidence between Eng’IN and its clients, necessitates a clear, objective and fast transmission of information, which generates a healthy and efficient relationship. this in turn guarantees a healthy means of operating and is the basis of our success. These values form the foundation of our ambition for sustainable growth.

Picto_apostropheResponsiveness and flexibility
In light of the perpetual evolution of the market and consumer requirements, Eng’IN’s ability to adapt to different situations is one of its strengths. Our clients are the driving force behind the services and industrial services we offer. Eng’IN is constantly evolving in the interests of being able to continually provide technological and methodological innovation.




Picto_apostrophe  You are proud of your company, as we are proud of ours

Are you seeking the guidance of a company which prides itself on the quality of its abilities? We have the qualities necessary to appeal to the best abilities in the sector. Eng’IN is a socially responsible company, with an innovative system of management and payment in its genes, which allows for a greater sharing of the company’s worth, and a greater empowerment of its staff members.

The beauty of appearances can be found un the truth of the moment, and should be responded to truthfully.


Picto_apostrophe  A human and technically demanding recruitment service

In the interests of expanding our expertise, we work exclusively with staff whose abilities are proven and whose personality corresponds with our values, thus ensuring they are capable of providing you with the highest quality service.

Picto_apostrophe  A responsible company

At the heart of Eng’IN is a desire to promote responsible management in all of its sectors of activity, both in terms of internal working strategies, and within the framework of our projects, particularly in the fields of transparency, risk anticipation, commercial ethics and our relationships with partners and suppliers.

The conservation of our environment, (at the very heart of Eng’IN’s working practices), is also one of our main preoccupations. For this reason, with the assistance of our clients, partners and sub-contractors, we unite and employ all our engenieering skills in order to control as effectively as possible the enivornmental and societal impact of the works and equipment we may produce.

Picto_apostrophe  Constant technical and technological awareness

At Eng’IN, we are all driven by a constant desire to move ahead. Since our creation, we have never stopped moving forward in terms of skill development in our different operational sectors. Parallel to this, we are devoted to expanding and building on the skills of each of our staff members through ongoing training, as well as broadening our portfolio with industrial solutions in order to guarantee the suitability of our actions and our proposals.

Picto_apostrophe  A personal, deming-cycle approach to each project

At Eng’IN, every project we take on, regardless of its size, is subject to a personalised approach with a minimum of three stages :

• A project start-up meeting: the intent of this meeting is to define the purpose of the service provided by Eng’IN previously defined and to ensure that the material needs and necessary resources have been put into place and evaluated.

• Progress reports: in order to ensure that our projects are progressing in correspondence with your requirements and that all of the methods used are sufficient and suitable. These progress meetings also allow you the opportunity to suggest evental improvements, and to share your thoughts on the project with ours.

• End of assignment appraisal


A word from the president

eng'in ingénierie responsable

At Eng’IN, customer satisfaction is our priority. Eng’IN strives to offer its clients a unique, outstanding service, designed to improve their competetivity. Every client is different and has his own way of operating within his own company. On the basis of this simple and clear observation, we are able to provide each of our clients with a personalised approach, stemming from the foundation of the products and services we propose. We take to heart the establishment of a flawless corporate culture, based on the principles of continual improvement and centered around the satisfaction of our clients and our team. This allows us to share, proactively and openly, impeccable and environmentally responsible attitudes and working practices.

In order to optimise each solution and service in a bid to achieve excellence, Eng’IN pledges to :

• Ensure that client satisfaction remains our number 1 priority at all times,
• Train and instill a sense of responsibility in each of our team members to avoid any compromise where quality, security and the environment are concerned,
• Ensure technological awareness and always seek progression in order to make our company more productive and more competitive,
• Place innovation at the heart of our strategy,
• Maintain an ongoing relationship of confidence with our clients and all other associates,
• Promote a permanant and ongoing quest for self-improvement, using consumer experience feedback, feedback from each of our team members and high-quality management techniques.

Surrounded by a structured organisation headed by responsible management, in my capacity as Managing Director of Eng’IN, I am committed to providing all the means necessary to make this pledge a real differentitating mark of our company.



Described through some quotations



Michel Audiard

“A sitting intellectual doesn’t go as far as a walking idiot.”


Michel Houellebecq

“Great passions know no boundaries.”


Antoine Riboud

“Innovation is a combination of research, marketing, instinct, imagination, end product and industrial strength.”


Albert Einstein

“Invention is not the product of logical thought, even though the final product is tied to a logical structure”.


Pierre Joliot

“Progress is the product of cultural diversity and character assertion.”


Albert Einstein

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather a man of value.”